Lois Leveen


April 11, 2012

If Lincoln Was a Vampire Hunter, Who Was He Hunting?

In honor of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, here's my own Civil War vampire update.

1. Nicholas Cage was possibly a Confederate vampire. But probably not.

2. Lincoln did enjoy an evening stroll about Washington and might have taken down a vampire or two some night. But probably not.

3. Henry Ward Beecher decried avarice for visiting young men "in dreams, and vampire-like" feasting on its victim. This was in one of his "Seven Lectures to Young Men," delivered early in his career, before he became the subject of the sex scandal of the century . . . for preying vampire-like on one of the women in his congregation.

Actually the most UnDead thing about Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter may be that Johnny Cash seems to be doing the voiceover from beyond the grave.
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