Lois Leveen


October 15, 2011

A Girl’s First Time

A girl never forgets her first time. Especially if it happens at the Airport Holiday Inn.

Just to be clear, I do mean her first time signing a new book.

I had a very memorable two days autographing bound galleys of The Secrets of Mary Bowser at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, which brings together bookstore staff and librarians from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. These are the geekiest of book geeks. In other words, my peeps.

And two of the very bestest peeps I got to meet are Gabe Barillas and Jim Hankey, from HarperCollins.

Lois Leveen, Gabe Barillas, and Jim Hankey

They're like the Ernie and Bert of book selling, albeit without the stripey shirts and the rubber duckie. If the world didn't have authors, there would be no books. But if the world didn't have Gabe and Jim and their colleagues, there would be no way for readers to get books. And wouldn't that be a very sad time at the Holiday Inn?

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