Lois Leveen


March 7, 2012

Shakespeare Franklin Smackdown

In a Shakespeare v. Ben Franklin Smackdown ... I know who this writer would root for. Or should I say, for whom this writer would root.

Shakespeare wrote. A lot. For example, he wrote, "Never a borrower nor a lender be." (Apparently that did not apply to body parts, as he was one to implore, "Lend me your ears.")

Franklin wrote as well, although he did many other things, too. Like founding a library.

When it comes to books, I am all for being a borrower and a lender. I am a heavy user, currently having over a hundred books out from the library, with 15 more on hold. But my addiction extends beyond the books.

Because I'm not satisfied with using public library books in the privacy of my own home. Last night, I was at the fabulous culmination to our library's Everybody Reads program sponsored by Multnomah County Library--and just so you know how rocking our library life is here, I was out until past midnight. This afternoon, I'm leading a history workshop at the Canby Public Library. Tonight, I'm having dinner with librarians from FIVE different library systems in two states, to talk with them about Mary Bowser.

Tomorrow I may be going through library withdrawal. If you see a jittery, bespectacled woman outside your local branch library, that would be me.
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