Lois Leveen


March 6, 2012

Books do not fall from the sky

Books do not fall from the sky. Which is why as part of Portland's Everybody Reads program, I'm teaching a seminar on HeidiDurrow's The Girl Who Fell from the Sky, looking at the 'literary lineage' of the novel.

We've covered everyone from William Blake to Hans Christian Andersen to Nella Larsen to Langston Hughes to Audre Lorde -- in just three sessions. And tonight, we'll be hearing from Heidi herself, when she speaks at "The Schnitz" here in Portland (for out of towners, the Schnitz is a lovely performance venue, not a sausage stand).

It's made me wonder what people will see as the literary precursors to my novel. I've got my own list, but readers may see some connections I don't.
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