Lois Leveen


February 29, 2012


Things that make authors vomit . . . today's fascinating fact about The Secrets of Mary Bowser is a brief quiz! No puking required!

One of the many things that happens between an author handing in the final manuscript and a book being published is the book manuscript going out to various reviewers.

So in honor of the fact that Kirkus, once described by the New York Times as 'reliably cantankerous' will post its review of The Secrets of Mary Bowser on Monday, here's a quiz.

Which recent bestsellers did Kirkus sum up with the following phrases:

1. This genuine page-turner offers a whiff of white liberal self-congratulation that won’t hurt its appeal and probably spells big success.

2. Juicy melodrama obscured by the intricacies of problem-solving.

3. A solid sophomore effort, and hopefully a sign of even better things to come.

4. While no masterpiece, this work nevertheless contributes in good measure to the current and very welcome revitalization of the historical novel.

And NO, none of those are about my book.

(btw, Kirkus does a huge amount of plot summary, so if you read a review of my book, it will completely decimate the actual pleasure you might have gotten from reading the book. I will post their one-sentence assessment when it goes live on Monday, so you can see how I fare compared to 1-4 above).
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