Lois Leveen


February 22, 2012

Judge This Book By Its Cover

The first admonition not to judge a book by its cover came in 1860, just one year prior to the Civil War. Actually, the warning was against judging a book by its binding. But still.

Civil War fact of the day: during the war, paper was in such short supply through much of the Confederacy that people would reuse sheets, writing over an old letter or receipt by turning the sheet a quarter-turn and scrawling in a different direction. Which is what the talented designer at William Morrow did to make this pretty cover.
Cover Photo
As for the orange ribbon, it's taken from one of my favorite early scenes in the book. I've never liked the color orange much (and neither does Mary Bowser) but yet I love this cover. Insert joke about importance of overcoming color prejudice here.
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