Lois Leveen


June 15, 2015

Naughty Author Talk

I'm a really a goody-two-shoes. Preferably flats, comfortable for walking, though stylish with a vintage dress.

And so last week to celebrate the paperback publication of Juliet's Nurse, I put on such a pair, and a frock, and hoofed it over to the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Gowanus (I was staying a few blocks away in Brooklyn), and gave a talk with the rather ribald title, "Capulet Gynecologist, Montague Onanist: Medieval Sex, Renaissance Death, and Romeo and Juliet."

It was a little raunchy.

But in a totally edifying way.

So if raunchily edifying or edifyingly raunchy is your thing, ignore my goody-two-shoes warning, and click here for the first part of the talk . . .

If that hasn't frightened you off, here's the second part:

And the more-or-less conclusion (the last few minutes of Q&A got cut off):

I suspect some of that wasn't on the final when you read the play in high school. Unless you went to a rather unusual high school.
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