Lois Leveen


December 18, 2014


Last spring, I auctioned myself off. As part of a fundraiser for the Oregon Jewish Museum, I donated a signed first-edition of Juliet's Nurse, along with a visit to the winner's book club.

Today, the winner collected.

Book Club reading Juliet's Nurse

We had a great conversation about the novel, the history, the pleasure of reading widely, the wonders of Multnomah County Library (greatest library system in the US), the life of the writer, and what it's like to live in Portland versus New York or Los Angeles.

I've met with lots of book clubs discussing The Secrets of Mary Bowser, and even some virtual book clubs doing Juliet's Nurse, but this was the first time I got to sit down in person with a Juliet's Nurse club. What a great way to spend one of the darkest days of the year.

There's a great reading group guide for the novel, available here if your book club would like a bit of prompting.

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