Lois Leveen


September 21, 2014

Upon Her Balcony

How popular is Romeo and Juliet?

Let's just say half a million people a year visit Verona, Italy, mostly to see sites associated with the play.

Loosely associated.

Because nearly everything you see in Verona regarding Juliet or Romeo, well, let's just say it's fun for tourist but it doesn't rank to high on the historical-accuracy-ometer.

The most popular, and most clearly contrived, of these sites is the balcony at Juliet's house.

Lois on Juliet's Balcony

Which was actually slapped onto the building in the early 20th century, precisely so tourists could visit it.

Which I did.

Which was totally fun.

I also did some real research while I was in Verona. More on that to come, under the history section of this website.
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