Lois Leveen


September 22, 2014

Quirky Portland Alert

Quirky Portland Alert:

The Oregonian (Portland's newspaper) ran a lengthy interview with me yesterday, making me seem very Portlandish.

Oregonian Interview

But here's the most Portland part:

when I went to New Seasons, our locally-owned grocery store chain, to buy the paper, they were out. But Janne, the woman at the customer service desk, said she's already read her copy, so maybe I'd like to walk over to her house and get it.

Off we went, around the corner and down the block, and found her husband sitting on the back porch (she did poke her head around first to make sure he was fully dressed).

"Does she bring a lot of customers over, to give them stuff they are out of at the store?" I asked.

"Don't ask him that!" she said, which I suspect means yes.

She wondered if I needed any other sections of the paper -- "Coupons, maybe?" Because you know, I can use those at New Seasons.

Then we discussed baking recipes as we headed back to the store (I'm more pie, she's more cobbler).

THAT is customer service, Portland style.

BTW, you can read the interview online here, in case you didn't have time to pick up a copy before they ran out at New Seasons and Janne's house.
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