Lois Leveen


September 18, 2014

Glamorous NPR Taping Session

I just taped an 85-second segment for Author's Corner, which airs on various NPR stations. It's me reading an excerpt from JULIET'S NURSE. A very short excerpt. For those of you who love public radio, this is how it happens . . .


My pal Deena Prichep does a lot of pieces for NPR, so she volunteered to record me. At her house. This is her in her gear.

Me in Deena's Closet

This is me in her closet, where we both stood for the actual taping. Because clothes are a great way to deaden ambient sound.

Editing sound file

All those squiggly lines on Deena's screen are me, reading. It's true what they told you in Physics class, sound comes in waves. And now in .WAVs

The segment will air sometime in October. I'll post it when it does.
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