Lois Leveen


July 30, 2014

The Real Love Story Behind Juliet’s Nurse

As a person and an author, I truly love libraries.

I love the Half Hollow Hills Public Library, which made my childhood richer than words (lots of 'em, printed in all those books I devoured) can say.

I love the university libraries where my world grew as my education took root. I especially love the Harvard University's Widener Library, the first library to list me in its catalog (for my undergraduate thesis, which you can probably still find there). And the Frances Loeb Design Library, also at Harvard, where I met the real human love of my life. Oh, and the UCLA Young Research Library, where I first learned about Mary Bowser.

Of course I love the Multnomah County Library System, which I use every day in my research for all my novels. And I love the many, many libraries across the nation where I've had the privilege and fun to meet with audiences and talk about the history behind my novels. And the many librarians I've yet to meet who've recommended my books to their patrons.

But today I am especially loving the Oregon City Public Library, which is the very first place to select JULIET'S NURSE for a community-wide read. Look for lots of great programs there February 2015. Just in time for Valentine's Day, that's how much love we're talking!
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