Lois Leveen


May 15, 2014

Everything Old is New Again

Welcome! Or welcome back!

If the latter applies, you'll notice my website has a very new look. With JULIET'S NURSE completed, I needed a better way to communicate with readers about my novels. Hope you like the look. From the home page, you can click on each book to learn more about it, finding reading guides, read excerpts, etc.

You can pre-order JULIET'S NURSE today, using the links on this page or by contacting your favorite bookstore.

Once the book is released, I'll be doing page-by-page posts on the history behind the novel. Why? Because I found readers were so hungry to learn more about the history behind THE SECRETS OF MARY BOWSER, and because I love the historical research and always want to share it. So stay tuned!
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