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January 8, 2012

Just Wait Until Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore Gets Wind of The Secrets of Mary Bowser

What do Jon Stewart and I have in common?

Besides a deep fear that someone will unearth photos of us from our bar/bat mitzvahs and put them on the internet? (C'mon, no one wants the word to know just how gawkward--that is not a typo, that is a word I just invented--they were at age 13)

What Jon Stewart and I have in common is we luvvvvvv talking about books about slaves in the White House.
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What do Jon Stewart and Mary Bowser have in common?

They both lived in Virginia. Stewart went to Virginia to be educated at William and Mary College in the 1980s. Bowser left the state in the 1850s, after she was freed from slavery, to be educated in the North. But there the comparison falls apart, since she went back to Virginia to become a spy for the Union army, whereas he ended up in New York doing really funny late night TV.

Still, wouldn't it be beautiful if they could come together in a seven-minute book interview segment sometime this spring?
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