Lois Leveen


February 27, 2013

Best Email to an Author

This was sent to me by someone who recommended SECRETS OF MARY BOWSER to her book group, and wanted some information to "be erudite and knowledgeable" when leading the discussion.

"The book itself is, without a doubt the best historical fiction that I have read in the past four or five years, and that is not idle flattery. By age 82, I have read a great deal of historical fiction, have an MA in literature from U of Penn. and taught literature for 36 years. Not only is the plot well crafted but your style is fabulous. And thank you for being one of the few contemporary authors that knows grammar and punctuation and who can construct a complete sentence. That I appreciate greatly."

Emails like this mean so much to an author. The best part is that the writer's email address is "Greypanther".

Quoted with permission--because I do not cross a panther!
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