Lois Leveen


August 11, 2012

Tag You’re It

Another joy of Portland: Seeing the different shelf tags for The Secrets of Mary Bowser at various Powell's locations around town.

For a long time, the airport store was my fave--cross-pollinating via travelers to/from Portland.
Powells Airport
Now look what's turned up on the Powell's website:
Staff Pick

"Based on the true story of an emancipated slave who risked her life to spy on the Confederacy for the Union during the Civil War, this book is a must-read. Written with grace and passion, fantastic historical detail and fully realized characters, The Secrets of Mary Bowser is immensely enjoyable. I'd also recommend it for young teens, 15 and up, who are interested in history and looking for a gripping read."
Recommended by Sheila N., Powell's City of Books"
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