Lois Leveen


June 1, 2012

No Sour Grapes, Some Sour Kraut

Thanks to everyone who voted for The Secrets of Mary Bowser, which is the WINNER for the Sutter Home Wine June bookclub selection.

Civil War guys with wine bottles

The author of the monthly selection shares entertaining tips (I think that means tips for entertaining; my amusing advice on how to add more leopard to your wardrobe did not qualify), as well as a recipe book groups can use for the meeting where they discuss the book.

Needless to say, a recipe with a secret ingredient seemed especially appropriate for The Secrets of Mary Bowser.

And chocolate seems especially appropriate for ANYTHING.

So, check out my Secrets of Chocolate Cake recipe. It is the weirdest chocolate cake you'll ever make, but also the best. (Just don't tell anyone what the secret ingredient is, until after they've tasted it!)
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