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Juliet’s Nurse — For Teachers

Juliet's Nurse is an ideal novel to assign along with Romeo and Juliet. It can deepen students' understanding of genre, point of view, foreshadowing, irony, and other key elements of literature – as well as giving deeper insight into the history of 14th-century Italy, the period when the Middle Ages begins to transform into the Renaissance.

The free Instructor's Guide to Juliet's Nurse was created for use in high school and college/university classes by Pam B. Cole, Associate Dean and Professor of English Education and Literacy at Kennesaw State University.

Click here to get the Guide: Juliets-Nurse-Instructor-Guide.pdf

If you're a teacher (or student, or parent of a student), please feel free to use the Guide and adapt it any way you'd like. If you would like to suggest topics, activities, or assignments for future versions of the Instructor's Guide or to send samples of student work, please email teaching@loisleveen.com.

You can also email to inquire about having Lois make a "virtual visit" to your classroom via Skype, Google Hangout, or other technology, or an in-person visit if you can cover travel costs.

Here's what folks who've hosted her for classroom visits have to say

"It was an absolute treat for our high schools to host Lois Leveen. Few authors will literally throw themselves on the ground to make for a great event, but she did that and more in the space of a single class period. She pulled off a miniature play, a brilliant lecture infused with energy and insight, and managed to make medieval Italy live and breathe for our students. She is a joy to meet and an asset to any classroom."
Wally Johnston, staff member, Rediscovered Books

"My students greatly appreciated Lois Leveen's talk at Borah in which students compared the experience of writing or reading a play like Romeo and Juliet with writing or reading a novel like Juliet's Nurse. The next day, the kids and I talked about what perspective does to a piece, especially one you think you know pretty well. In fact, I just revised our discussion next week to revolve around the perspectives of individual characters in the next work we're reading, a novel by Toni Morrison. Lois, thank you for the inspiration!"
Pamela Atkins, teacher, Borah High School

"It was great to have author Lois Leveen speak to our class. I never miss an opportunity to hear authors, and Lois is by far the most dynamic. What I loved most was to experience a truly interactive discussion on the text. Most of all, I loved that Ms. Leveen acted out scenes from Shakespeare and her own novel with students, to help kids understand Juliet’s hijinks /drama! Kids were wildly enthused as well. Ms. Leveen really helped kids “see” the story. I’m just sorry only one class got the opportunity to hear her presentation."
Lindy Freeman, teacher, Bishop Kelly High School

"Ms. Leveen is charismatic, enthusiastic, and engaging to the younger demographic of readers. Her ability to create a world of Shakespeare that is accessible to anyone is unparalleled. Ms. Leveen truly is a light amongst her peers.”
Alison Pettyjohn, Amelia Roque and Nic Monarrez, students, Bishop Kelly High School

"Choosing [Leveen's] novel rather than a YA selection means students have had a more rigorous academic experience. The opportunity to meet and talk with Lois Leveen was a highlight for all the students."
Robert Mattson, Skyridge Middle School

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